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Harvest Celebrations 2016

On Wednesday 19th October Reverend Wiseman and Lucy Dunlop kindly held an assembly to remind all our children about the importance of harvest and how others are not always as fortunate as us.  They shared the story of the 'Stone Soup' to help children understand the importance of sharing and how this can make such a difference to the lives of others.  The children were very kind and generous and brought in food donations that have all been donated to the Hope Centre to support the local community.

Additionally, on Thursday 20th October, Nursery, Reception and Year One children all visited Christchurch where they saw their donations on display and enjoyed a harvest festival celebration led by Reverend Wiseman  in a local church.  They had a brilliant time and all the children benefited hugely from their visit.

Thank you to Reverend Wiseman and Lucy Dunlop.